It’s Wednesday. I always like reading Neil Rosenthal’s “Intimacy” column in the DominionPost supplement “Life”. He always passes on wisdom in the area of life and relationships. As a Career Strategy and Leadership Coach I find there is always gold in reading his column.

What issues in our jobs and careers are not life and/or relationship issues?

One of many pieces of gold from Neil this week:  “When you focus on what you have or what you’re trying to accomplish, you’ll feel better. When you focus on what you don’t have, what has failed, what you’ve lost or what hurts, you’ll feel badly.”

It sounds so simple, yet often we lose perspective on how simple it can be for us. Here we have mindfulness, gratitude, creating possibility, and responsibility for self wrapped up in a couple of sentences. Focus on where you are going, and how to get there, not where you have been.

“Be willing to take some big risks attempting to create what you want. It’s the risks you don’t take that you’ll regret the most later on”. And time is marching on for all of us, so put your concerns aside and get on with it. Keep taking steps toward the job or goals that excite you.