Bruce Johnston
Career Strategist / Leadership Coach

Bruce is an experienced professional career strategist, mentor and coach. Having successfully negotiated seven career changes himself, Bruce is someone who has already been where you may currently be in your career. He has made the transition or career change you may be trying to achieve. In General and Senior Management experience in business, and his own companies, Bruce has gone through the same professional hardships you may be dealing with right now. He has “already climbed the mountain”.

Bruce also has 10 years of specialist recruitment and HR Consulting experience, as a Senior Consultant, and Director/Shareholder. Combining this experience with skills and expertise as a career strategy mentor, and interview skills trainer, Bruce understands what employers look for in a prospective candidate, what stands out in a job application, and result producing personal presentation. Bruce’s work and experience covers seven industries, and a diversity of personalities, job types, and levels of seniority.

Bruce has worked in General and Senior Management roles for the Ford Motor Company, Subaru NZ, the National Provident Fund, Morrison Morpeth, Westpac Financial Services, and PowerHouse People. Most recently he managed, and worked as an Instructor in his own company Body Magic Pilates.


Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (Economics) – Victoria University, Wellington.


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