You can call me old fashioned! In some cases this is very true. I still love reading newspapers. My daily read is The Dominion Post. I particularly like Tuesdays “Life” Supplement, and Thursdays “Well and Good” page. They are always a valuable read.

Last Thursday May 28, Dr Libby had some great advice about stress. That long-term stress can send a message to every cell in your body that your metabolism needs to slow down, in order to store fat, in readiness for flood, famine or war. The body can’t distinguish that the source of our stress in these times is different – coming primarily from work, financial, relationship, health or weight worries.

So for some of us, long-term stress can cause weight gain. But if our strategy is to diet in order to combat the weight gain, we are confirming that food really is short. The body then kicks in to accelerate fat storage.

When you restrict food intake on your diet you slow your metabolism further, making it feel like you only have to look at food to gain weight.

If you are in this position my advice is to eat normally and regularly. Don’t go on a stringent diet.

Dr Libby’s recommended actions to bust the stress are:.

  • Long slow breathing so you can feel your diaphragm moving, communicating to your body that you are safe, not under threat.
  • If you are using caffeine to amp up and wine to slow down, simply swap caffeine for green tea and wine for sparkling water. This will give your nervous system a break, producing a huge influence on fat burning and appetite.
  • Practice gratitude. It is impossible to feel stressed when you feel grateful.

Remember – The less we worry about what people think, the less complicated life becomes. Be You – The world will adjust.