I love this quote. Some may say they are just words from a fantasy story. But are they? How much personal power would you have if you could believe in six impossible things before breakfast, and then realise they are completely possible for you? How empowering would it be for you as your day proceeds? What would it feel like to have these things occur in your life? Who is to say that you can’t do this? Probably only you? Maybe a few other Nay Sayers, but why would you listen to them anyway?

Why not try it? What have you got to lose? How would your life be if you could manifest the six top items on your wish list? Write them down, in the form that they are already achieved. In priority order. The most important wish at the top. Then start taking steps to accomplish each one. Then another and another.

It may mean you have to be bold. It may mean you have to step out beyond who you have been before. It may be uncomfortable as you think about taking that step. It may mean you have to declare what you want. That could be a big risk in itself! It may mean you have to ask for assistance and support. It may seem risky. But check in with yourself as to the worst thing that could happen? Mostly it would be the regret you would have in not even trying to realise your dreams. That you let your fearful negative self-talk stop you going after what you want most in your career or life.

Keep your six impossible things in existence. Read them regularly. Check in with where you are up to? Acknowledge yourself for the steps you have already taken. Decide what the next steps are. Think positively. Ignore any negative self-talk. Ask for the support of your trusted advisers. Most importantly, keep believing. Belief is omnipotent.

And guess what? If you do this, you will be so pleased with the outcome!!!

I dare you. Just try it.